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Virtual Photo Mosaic

Form an interactive mosaic in real time through photos uploaded by the participants using a simple form. Participants will see their photo integrated into the mosaic, and will be able to zoom in and out on their photo and any other.

Everything can be embedded in a website using handy <iframe> codes, and the mosaic link can be shared on your Social Networks, or anywhere.

It's ideal for your online events!

Double click anywhere on the image to explore the mosaic, use the controls to zoom in and out.

Photo Mosaic of our client Diageo ®, 2019


"It's the perfect showcase for my online event"

Alejandra Ontiveros, Gerente de Marketing Digital  

"My event involved people in different cities and the virtual mosaic allowed everyone to join the experience"

Eduardo Cantú, Human Resources Manager 

"It's very showy and at the same time extremely simple and practical"

Lila Solana, Directora de Operaciones BTL

Video Collage

From your photos and the art of your choice, we create a showy and dynamic animated HD video, culminating in the mosaic formed by the photos. Customizable to your preference: # of photos, duration, animation style, music, etc.

It's perfect to make your event and your brand stay etched in time and the participant's memory!


Photo Mosaic of our client Diageo ®, 2019


"Everyone was fascinated by the video!"

Ricardo Albarrán, Gerente de Marca

"It's a beautiful memorial of my event"

Arturo Nacif, CEO

"It was the perfect ending to my company's annual party."

Fernanda Villaseñor, Event Planner  

Photo Mosaic

Form an image through #hashtagged photos uploaded by the participants to their Social Networks, the photos are printed and pasted onto the Mosaic, together forming the final image.

It is ideal for product launches, activations, brand awareness and impact on Social Networks.

Photo Mosaic of our client Diageo ®, 2019

How does it work?


Take a photo


Take a photo with your cell phone, ipad or camera.




Post it


Upload your photo to Instagram or Twitter with the event's #hashtag




Print It


Print your photo and paste it on the Photo Mosaic



Photo Mosaic of our client Diageo ®, 2019

Photo Mosaic of our client Cinemex ®, 2020

Photo Mosaic of our client BMW ®, 2020


"It's a very interactive activity, an excellent integration and technology experience for any event"

Jorge Colina, Director de Operaciones  

"I love that every guest can be part of the mural"

Cármen Gutiérrez, Wedding Planner  

"An experience in which my brand is the focus of the event"

Angélica Román, Brand Manager  

Digital Graffiti

It is a very powerful marketing tool for corporate events. It is perfect for promoting brands or products on the giant screen; participants decorate their photos using customized art and branding, then share them on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

They can also print their postcard-size photo at the event.



"Perfect for activations or launches, the best way to promote your brand or product"

Edmundo Valadez, Gerente de Lanzamientos de Productos

"The Graffiti is perfect for creating an event with impact, and you can put your company's logo on the photos!

Ana López, Senior Marketing Strategist 

"A very fun interactive experience !!!"

Diego Ayala, Human Resources Manager  

IPAD Photo Booth

This incredible interactive booth allows guests to take photos, edit and personalize them.

As well as print them and share them on Social Networks in real time!




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